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Dr. Duane Gels has more than 20 years of experience as a board-certified allergist in the Annapolis area. He received professional training from Notre Dame, Northwestern, Brown and George Washington Universities and Children’s National Medical Center. He now teaches part-time at the Johns Hopkins Allergy and Asthma Center; to those in training, he emphasizes that direct communication with the patient is still the most important part of medicine, especially with the treatment of allergic diseases.

He practices what he preaches: “The most important information is discovered by time spent carefully listening to patients—there is no substitute.” In an era where time pressure has minimized face to face time with the physician, Dr. Gels spends the time—and patients greatly appreciate it.

At Annapolis Allergy & Asthma, Dr. Gels specializes in the evaluation and treatment of allergic respiratory symptoms. Allergens such as pollen, pets, mold, dust mites and other factors can trigger congestion, drainage and sinus discomfort which can lead to sinus infections, bronchitis or persistent cough, poor performance and quality of life. Asthma, in fact, is the leading cause of loss of time from school or work. Patients need not suffer—tools are readily available to relieve this discomfort and enjoy life more fully.

Dr. Gels recommends accurate, simple testing to search for an underlying cause for persistent respiratory and sinus problems. Otherwise, these symptoms may require repeated antibiotics, which can lead to resistant bacteria. “However, the results of any testing without a thorough interview and physical exam are meaningless.” Such an evaluation by me allows tailored recommendations on controlling environmental exposure, medication, and in many cases, effective desensitization procedures to eliminate the allergy. “Board Certified, medically trained allergists accurately test with a minimum of discomfort and financial cost.” His combination of personalized care and experience in the field is responsible for his “Top Docs” reputation. “I am honored that so many patients and physicians send friends and family to be evaluated.”

About Uwe Reichman

Uwe is a board-certified Physician’s Assistant who graduated from Howard University in 1997. He has an impressive background in the specialized field of allergy and asthma, treating patients with environmental and food allergies, asthma, eczema, urticaria, and sinusitis for more than 20 years. Uwe has the unique ability to interact with his patients on their individual level. His typical patient leaves our office with a clear understanding of the diagnosis and plan of action.

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Dr. Gels has over 20 years of experience treating allergy and asthma patients.

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